south channel of the River Lee in Cork city on a sunny day, looking towards Saint Fin Barre's CathedralPeople of the Isles is a podcast produced in Cork, Ireland, by Katrina Stovold. The show is about people living in and connected to Ireland and the rest of the British Isles. Guests are citizens born and raised in the Republic and the North, those who have moved here from afar, adventurers who have sought their fortune across the sea, and folks longing to visit. Included will be residents from just across the Irish Sea on that other island – the one known as Great Britain.

People and stories that embody life on these islands will be the at the heart of each episode. There will also be music, local soundscapes, and a bit of geekery.

Katrina is what the locals would call a “blow-in”. She grew up in America, but has dual citizenship in the EU, arriving in Cork in 2010. She’s worked in the movie industry creating visual effects for blockbuster films, spent some time in the military, and has been a geek for most of her life. She is mostly retired from working as a travel blogger, but still posts occasional updates about travel and immigrant (or expatriate, if you prefer) life at TourAbsurd.com.

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